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Together, we bring your projects to life

Since 1996 Sys-Tek has been taking care of companies of all sectors and sizes with solutions built on their needs.

Over 20 years of investments in research and training to keep up with a sector in constant and prodigious evolution to be able to always provide adequate solutions.

At the base of each of our projects is the need and the will to identify with the reality for which we work, in order to create a product that is truly suited to the needs.

We believe that collaboration and comparison are essential for companies, not only to make themselves known, but also to grow thanks to external stimuli. For this reason, we are part of several networks and have created links with companies that can help us to provide products adapted to the needs of our customers.

Our services - what we do

Websites + SEO and SEM

Video Editing

Branding and Graphics

Social Network and Marketing

Advice and Support

Our creative team

Marta Asvisio
Diana Rusu
Stefania D'Andria
Alessandro Strincone

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